Monday, May 9, 2011

Games at Your Wedding

Planning a picnic wedding? Consider adding some fun games for your guests to play duing the cocktail hour and beyond.  These games aren't just for kids anymore!  Try a variety of lawn games from croquet to cornhole (shown above). Photographer: Shyla Photography.  How do you play cornhole? Cornhole is similar to horseshoes.  You toss beanbags and try to get them through the hole or as close to the hole as possible on top of the board.  The photo above features the bride and groom's silhouettes with the hole above their heads. 
Of course some brides prefer the tried and true croquet.  What guest didn't grow up playing this game?
For the hardened croquet addict host your reception at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach.  It's the largest croquet center in the world so for the croquet addict it's the perfect reception venue!

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