Friday, July 15, 2011

Salad For An Summer Wedding

This thin sliced watermelon salad recipe is courtesy of The Telegraph.  First layer thin slices of watermelon, add crumbled feta cheese, some ripped mint leaves and mild red chopped chillis.  Pour some extra virgin olive oil and you're finished! See the exact link following the Telegraph link above.
Serve at your wedding, rehersal dinner or shower to wow your guests.   

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cake That Won't Melt for Picnic Weddings

Martha Stewart's Watermelon Cake is perfect for picnic weddings.  A slice of seedless watermelon with melon balls heaped on top are the cool and refreshing ingredients for this whimsical and picnic-friendly cake.  No sugar or flour needed!  Refreshing and cool for your guests.  Or if you don't want to use it as your wedding cake because you are set on having a white sugary cake serve offer it in lieu of fruit cup!  You can use all watermelon balls on top of it, or add honeydew and cantelope for more color.  Enjoy!

Directions on Martha's web site linked above.  Consider spiking the watermelon balls -- OK, I admit, my idea, not Martha's!  But it would make a nice dessert for an outdoor wedding.

Rustic Cheeseboard For Picnic Weddings

Ilene from Come On ilene! wrote a great DIY project guest post for Pizzazzerie.  She documents this easy but great looking rustic cheese board DIY project!  It's also posted on DIY Weddings-The Blog for Brides Who Know What They Want and Want to Do It Themselves

This project needs just two items--a piece of slate and some self-adhesive felt pads.  That's it! Project complete except for the cheese!  For specific directions on what slate to buy etc. head to either Pizzazzerie or Come on ilene!'s web sites linked above. 

For an added rustic touch use a piece of chalk to identify each cheese.  Again, simple but easy! And perfect for a rustic picnic wedding.