Monday, October 17, 2011

Finger Foods For A Crowd

Planning finger foods for a crowd is always tricky, especially if you want something different than your usual plain crudites.  These fancy finger foods for a crowd ideas are courtesy of the great site, Everybody Loves Sandwiches.  They have the full recipe for you and I love reading the comments of how other cooks have adapted each recipe. 

Up close and personal looks at these pretty finger foods are making me hungry even though it's the middle of the night as I write this and closer to breakfast foods than midday or later when you'd normally eat these beauties. 

These recipes are basically green beans or fresh baby asparagus wrapped in westfalian ham or prosciutto.  Shop Costco or other warehouse store for the best prices on the ham. Be sure to make the reduction sauce that goes over the top of these great veggie treats.

Last on the list of fun finger foods are these goat cheese stuffed dates! Oh WOW! Don't taste test these while you're making them... they're like those chips, 'bet you can't eat just one!' 

If you're looking for some great nuts to add to this recipe, Sante Specialty Foods makes some incredible candied walnuts that will send this recipe over the top.  As if the goat cheese and date combo wasn't enough to turn you into a finger food addict, the addition of Sante's nuts take any recipe from pedestrian to uber gourmet.  (Please note, several months ago Sante sent me samples of their nuts to try, they asked me to review their product.  Although the samples were free and given in exchange for my reviewing them, my opinions about products I review is my own and not swayed by their providing the free product.)

You can also add Sante nuts to your table of finger foods (try the Wasabi Almonds) for some crunchy snacks that will wow your guests. This is the link to their site. 

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