Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vegan Gourmet Sandwich For A Picnic Wedding

What's this sandwich? Photo from Repinned posted from where it was re-pinned

Having vegan guests? Consider serving these Lemon Jalapeno Asparagus Cashew Salad Sandwiches at your next picnic or even at a picnic wedding!

Fresh, filling, and attractive, these sandwiches will please your guests vegan and non-vegan!

Use thin whole wheat bread to make these easy to eat and serve. Consider picking up some delicious bread from Panera Bread. Their tomato basil bread (a sourdough bread with tomatoes, basil & sweet streusel topping) is tasty and has a sweet taste to the crust.

What's this sandwich? Photo from Repinned posted

Have the helpful bakery clerks cut the bread to the thinness you want and your guests will have a sandwich they will never forget!

Another option?  Serve this unique filling on King's Hawaiian Rolls--if you've never tried them you need to! If you have never tasted the delicacy that is King's Hawaiian bread (of any type) you are in for a treat!

This sandwich is a great substitute for a gourmet egg salad sandwich! And it will have your guests asking "what's this?"  or "I wonder what was in that?" for months to come!

What's this sandwich? Photo from Repinned posted


  1. Sounds really interesting! Must share about this on our FB page. :-)

  2. Please do! So many brides are looking for vegan options these days! I remember my cousin's wedding when it was less common (30+ years ago); thought it was time to introduce some vegan options here.

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