Saturday, January 26, 2013

Critical For Picnic or Backyard Weddings

I know, the last thing you want to think about at your summer outdoor wedding is BUGS! But one way to keep your guests comfortable is to provide buckets set around the perimeter filled with bug repellents. Yes, I know, you love your perfume and the bug spray is yucky at best but it beats being eaten alive by assorted bugs as you enjoy your best friend's wedding and reception.
Pick up some shepherd's crooks at your local hardware store or garden supply store, decorate them with ribbon streamers, and fill some small metal buckets with some of Avon's best bug repellents.
Check with your favorite Avon Rep (that would be me) at my Avon website at and order yourself some bug repellent.  Don't forget to pick up some great body wash for when you head back to the hotel to wash off the bug repellent smell! Avon also sells an anti-itch spray that you could provide for your guests just in case they are bitten.

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